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  • M2M as M2M was meant to be
    ASPIDER M2M is the market leader in mobile data connectivity. With its own core network, own data sim cards and dedicated operational team, consider us the avant garde of M2M.

Reliable and Flexible Machine-to-Machine Connectivity by ASPIDER M2M

As a mobile operator ASPIDER M2M provides global data connectivity to help you manage and read your applications in the field. We provide technical and operational support and would be delighted to assist you in making your M2M deployment a success.

Our solutions are used in a variety of industries: from utilities to retail, and from logistics to healthcare.  Both multinationals and small businesses are pleased to use our data SIM cards and extra services.

Our customers have a total of over 450,000 data SIM cards in use, making ASPIDER M2M the third largest provider of M2M connectivity in The Netherlands.  

Your benefits

  • No obligatory activation period and no monthly fee for inactive SIM cards limiting your inventory risk
  • Pooling of bundles Overage on certain SIM cards can be compensated by usage on other SIM cards.
  • Zone control per SIM card Define for each individual SIM card the roaming areas in which it can operate and say goodbye to unexpected high roaming charges. 
  • User-friendly provisioning tool With our powerful M2M platform ASPIDER Inside you can manage your SIM cards in near real-time, including access to data usage and associated costs.. 
  • Dedicated M2M support consisting of experienced and knowledgeable M2M staff who speak Dutch and English. For our German operations, we have a separate German support desk available.

Are you interested in what we do and offer? Feel free to contact us.

M2M Specialist
ASPIDER M2M equals 400 networks, 175 countries, 9 zones, flexible bundles, 1 specialized M2M provider
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